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Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker 12.03251730 (+ Portable)
Aprašymas: Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an advanced application intended to enable you to design 3D Text, buttons, logos. Features a large number of shapes and text template. There are reflections and texture animation effects, and a variety of quick tools, very easy to use. You can choose a variety of bevel and alignment, lighting can be adjusted, the shape can be interchangeable, very flexible. Can import the font shapes, and you can import SVG, and converted into three-dimensional shapes. You can export the png, tiff, jpg, bmp format. 3D design software for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to promote our image,web page or display text . Parsisiųsti
mukas155 · 2012-03-29 18:59 · 2781 peržiūrėjo


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