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Lollipop screen recorder for Android
Lollipop screen recorder
Download Lollipop screen recorder for Android for free. Apps for phones and tablets.
Lollipop screen recorder app for Android, download programs for phones and tablets for free.
Screenshots of Lollipop screen recorder program for Android phone or tablet.
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Aprašymas Lollipop screen recorder programos:

Lollipop screen recorder - is an application that allows you to record video from your device's screen in a very simple way without needless motions. To record video, just press one button. All recorded videos are stored in the application in a convenient and structured way. In addition, the application uses official APIs and does not require root rights.


  • Record video from the screen
  • Delayed start of recording
  • Select recording settings
  • Use the camera as a picture-in-picture
  • Simple and comprehensive interface

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