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Sony Vegas PRO 10.0c+Keygen(x86x64)(Registered)

Combines real-time SD, DV and HDV video editing with unrivaled audio tools to provide the ultimate all-in-one environment

Only Vegas software combines real-time SD, DV, and HDV video editing with unrivaled audio tools to provide the ultimate all-in-one environment for creative professionals - high-definition and high-fidelity.

With its unique, visual approach to digital video and audio production, Vegas will deliver tremendous power, incredible speed and maximum productivity in an efficient and uncomplicated platform.

Powerful video editing
Expertly edit complex long-form SD or HD projects using mouse or keyboard trimming along with powerful ripple editing modes. Video editing enhancements in Vegas 6 include A/V synchronization detect and repair, tape-style audio scrubbing, drag ripple and arrange, source project editing, and auto-frame quantization.

Multitrack video editing on unlimited tracks
There is no limit to the number of video and audio tracks you can use in a Vegas project - nothing to impede your creativity or stop you from reaching your fullest potential.

Resolution independent
Vegas software supports any Aspect Ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc.). Edit on 23.976, native 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 fps timelines. Use video in different sizes and frame-rates all on the same project or on the same track - no conversion is necessary. Render Vegas projects out to just about any resolution.

Powerful color correction and matching tools
Use 3-Wheel Primary and comprehensive Secondary Color Correction filters to adjust differences in video from different camera setups or lighting situations; enhance dull, washed out footage; or make specific color ranges stand out. All edits can instantly be analyzed on four scopes: Vectorscope, Waveform, Parade and Histogram. Changes are immediately viewable on an external monitor via i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394 devices.

Vectorscope, waveform, histogram, and parade video scopes
Accurately measure the color, black and whites of video, and locate illegal chroma and luma levels so you can fix them prior to output. View levels in real-time as they play back in the preview window or on an external monitor.

HDV Support
Capture from a wide variety of HDV devices. Includes support for 601/709 color spaces and the CineForm intermediate codec for high performance HDV editing. Superior frame rate conversion including 24p, and precision upconversion for HD-SDI mastering. Export your HDV projects to delivery formats including Windows Media 9 HD, Real Media, QuickTime, and the Sony YUV codec for HD-SDI output.

SD/HD-SDI Support
New support for Blackmagic Design DeckLink boards allows you to capture, edit, monitor, and print-to-tape using SDI (serial digital interface) and component SD and HD decks.

Professional video effects
Choose from over 190 customizable video effects including: Lens Flares, Light Rays, Film Effects, Chroma Key, Timecode Overlays, Color Gradients, Media Generators, Credit Rolls, Text Effects and more. Quickly recall frequently used effects chains with new configurable packages.

Customizable video transitions
Use over 175 2D and 3D real-time transitions, including Barndoor, Clock Wipe, Dissolves, Iris, Linear Wipes, Page Peels, Venetian Blinds, Zooms, 3D Fly In/Out, 3D Shuffle and more. All transitions are customizable and can be keyframed to change over the length of each fade or overlap.

Multiprocessor support
Vegas 6 takes advantage of cutting-edge parallel processing architectures, significantly reducing complex project-render times on multiprocessor, HT, and multicore systems.

Transition progress envelopes
Transition progress envelopes in Vegas 6 software provide full keyframeable control over all transition attributes across the length of an event overlap. Create customizable fades or reverse, hold and repeat individual transitions. Precise customization of transitions in Vegas software provides new levels of creative flexibility.

3D Track Motion
Create 3D motion effects with precise control over Z-depth, plane intersection, compositing and more. The Vegas 6 track grouping model allows multiple tracks to move and rotate in 3D space. 3D motion occurs in real-time and is instantly previewable via i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394 hardware to external monitor.

Enhanced Video Montoring
Next-generation monitoring tools allow full screen timeline playback to LCD and CRT secondary displays via component or DVI connections, with support for scaling, deinterlacing, and color profiles. Additionally, Vegas 6 supports timeline monitoring using DeckLink cards, at all supported resolutions.

Enhanced video compositing
The Vegas compositing model offers greater flexibility with multi-level composite group nesting, separate peer and parent motion settings, pre and post composite track effects and improved composite hierarchy management.

Keyframeable Bezier masks
Produce keyframeable Bezier masks for complicated objects. Bezier curves let you closely track object outlines to mask and keyframe shape and motion changes over time. Create depth-of-field effects, apply color correction to specific areas of a clip, crop surrounding source material and create mask overlays. Multiple animated free-form shapes can be created in a single window, with mask invert control for each object. Feather and blend hard edges, set opacity levels for each layer, and zoom the workspace to the sub-pixel level for extremely accurate Bezier mask creation.

Credit rolls and text animation
With Vegas software you can insert customizable text, create scrolling credits (titling), and produce 2D and 3D text animations.

Subtitle time/text export to DVD Architect software
Vegas software makes subtitle creation for DVD Architect software easy. Create named regions in Vegas software, export the list as a text file using the provided script, then import the file into DVD Architect software to auto-generate frame-accurate subtitles. Translated files can also be used as alternate language subtitles in a DVD Architect project.

Support for multiple file formats and frame rates
Use multiple file formats and frame rates in the same project or on the same track, and crossfade them on the same track roll - all without conversion or rendering.

MPEG-2 support
Vegas software provides high-quality MPEG-2 encoding for DVD, broadcast and other delivery targets. Capabilities include 2-pass variable bit rate encoding, 4:2:2 High profile/Main level, and Transport stream support.

Flash format import
Import Flash (.swf) files directly into Vegas software. The vector-based .swf files can be scaled to any project size without loss of resolution. Create complex text animations and other effects for projects using any editing tool that supports .swf export.

24p DV Support
With native support for 24p, Vegas software allows you to capture, edit, and render 24p DV. Export 24p MPEG-2 for use in DVD Architect, or create 24p files for conversion to film.

Superior audio control
The audio-editing capabilities of Vegas software are so good that many industry professionals use it strictly for audio production. Vegas software provides unlimited tracks for audio, 24-bit/192 kHz audio support, record input monitoring, on-the-fly punch-in recording, 5.1 surround mixing, effects automation, and time compress/expand. Apply over 30 customizable, real-time audio effects including EQ, reverb, delay, and more. New in Vegas 6 software is VST plug-in effects support to expand your audio processing and mixing options.

24-bit/192 kHz audio support
Vegas 6 software supports full resolution 24-bit/32-bit 192 kHz files for the ultimate in audio fidelity. Import, save, and even record to this resolution if your hardware supports it.

Extensive audio effects
Apply over 30 customizable, real-time audio effects. Automate delays, reverbs, EQs and more with envelope control for each parameter. Use over ten automated effects such as Track EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Noise Gate, and Flange/Wah/Phase. 5.1 DirectX·� effects for the master bus include EQ, Dither, and Wave Hammer Surround compression tools.

VST plug-in effect support
You can use effects to manipulate the audio components of your project. The included audio plug-ins can improve the quality of the audio in your project or create unique sounds. Vegas software supports additional DirectX and VST effects from a variety of vendors. Audio effects can be applied to all events on a track, to busses, or as assignable effects.

5.1 surround mixing
Vegas software provides extensive tools for the creation of 5.1 surround mixes. Keyframeable surround panning for tracks and busses lets you mix the most demanding DVD soundtracks without leaving the Vegas environment. Apply 5.1-channel audio effects to the master bus for enhanced control over DVD mixes. Export projects as discrete tracks for post-encoding, or encode directly to Dolby Digital surround with the Sony Media Software Dolby-certified AC-3 encoder.

On-the-fly punch-in recording
The Vegas 6 recording model allows for on-the-fly punch-in recording on armed tracks while playing back your Vegas project. Record and maintain multiple takes of audio into an empty track, a time selection, an event, or a combination of time and events.

Auto-input record monitoring
Perform tape style auto-input record monitoring with event ASR parameters applied to the incoming signal. Monitor input signal when playback is both stopped and during recording.

Audio time stretching
Vegas software includes 19 user-definable timestretch modes that let you choose the resampling method that best fits your audio material. Select: change pitch, change length; change length, preserve pitch; or change pitch and preserve length, by semitones or cents.

Tape-style audio scrubbing
You can use scrubbing to scroll playback of your project at varying speeds. New in Vegas software is a tape-style scrubber above the timeline that mimics dragging an analog tape past the playhead.

ACID loop properties support
Use ACID loops in your Vegas project to perform easy video scoring and audio mixing. ACID loops, or any audio event that has had ACID metadata assigned to it, will auto-stretch to the existing project tempo.

Keyboard event pitch shifting
Pitch change ACID loops, or any audio event that has had ACID metadata assigned to it, via keyboard commands and modify your audio mix in real-time. Pitch, tempo and stretch amount information is displayed in timeline events.

ASIO driver support
In addition to supporting Microsoft Mapper, Windows Classic Wave, and WDM drivers, Vegas software also supports professional-quality low latency ASIO drivers.

Broadcast wave format support
You can use Broadcast wave format files to exchange audio between audio editors or broadcasting platforms. Broadcast wave format files are similar to standard .wav files, but they contain additional metadata including timestamps that tell the software where to add audio on the Vegas timeline.

Film-style 5.1 surround panning
The new film-style surround panning mode in Vegas 6 software supports panning between pairs of adjacent speakers using a constant power model, and is optimized for theater-style speaker placement.

Downmix monitoring
Vegas software provides real-time downmix previewing of audio from 5.1 surround to stereo, or from stereo to mono, to ensure that your mix will sound as intended no matter what the destination playback device.

Bus-to-bus routing
Create complex sub-mixes with bus-to-bus routing. The routing flexibility provided by Vegas software gives you a more robust structure for mixing audio projects.

Master, auxiliary, and effects bus tracks
Modify your project's volume, effects, and panning at the sub-group level. Use bus envelopes to set track effect parameters, volume, and panning for your entire Vegas project.

Optimized workflow
Edit and arrange events on the Vegas timeline using standard Windows drag-and-drop functionality. Use new project nesting to add a Vegas project (.veg) to the timeline and edit and apply effects the same as you would a standard media event. Version 6 also reduces complex project render times on multiprocessor, HT, and multicore systems. Network rendering saves time by using multiple computers and networked drive arrays

Powerful Editing Tools
Efficiently edit and arrange events on the Vegas timeline using drag-and-drop operations. Apply real-time effects, transitions, envelopes, color changes, reverse, time-stretching and motion effects. Expertly edit complex SD or HD long-form projects using mouse or keyboard trimming along with powerful ripple editing modes.

Real-Time Playback/Non-Destructive Editing
Playback and edit video effects, transitions and composites on-the-fly without rendering while viewing each change instantly on external monitors in real-time. Vegas software takes advantage of the PC's processing power by caching complex processes or effects directly to RAM for smooth frame-rate playback and previews.

Project nesting
Nesting allows you to add a Vegas project (.veg) to the timeline and edit and apply effects the same as you would a standard media event. Nesting can also help you organize a timeline or apply other effects.

Split-Screen A/B Previewing
Compare your affected and unaffected video, or compare the timeline with a clipboard image - all viewable in real-time on an external monitor via 1394 enabled hardware.

System-Wide Media Management
You can use the Media Manager window to search and manage your collection of media assets so you can easily find the right file for your Vegas projects. The Media Manager maintains a database of your files, including the attributes, ACID metadata, and tags that you can assign to classify your audio and video clips.

AAF Import and Export
You can use AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) files to exchange projects between applications.

A/V Synchronization Detect and Repair
When audio and video events are not aligned, Vegas software will highlight the events in the timeline so you can see synchronization problems at a glance. The software determines whether source events are synchronized by comparing grouped and overlapping media.

Envelope Automation Recording
Record track envelope and keyframe parameters in real-time using a mouse or external control surface hardware with touch and latch record modes and automatic post-record keyframe thinning. Automation parameter control is available for both stereo and 5.1 tracks and buses, as well as for video track envelopes.

High definition editing and output
Vegas software supports HD editing and rendering, including output to 1080/60i, 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 720/60p, 720/30p, and 720/24p. Output high definition video to .AVI, .MOV, MPEG-2, Windows Media 9 Series, RealVideo 9, .PNG and .JPEG sequences. Work with project sizes up to 2048x2048.

Project references in rendered files
When your Vegas project uses media that was rendered with an embedded project path reference, you can easily open the source project in the associated application if you need to edit the media later. For example, imagine that you have an audio file on the Vegas timeline that was rendered from an ACID project. In previewing your Vegas project, you discover that you accidentally rendered your ACID project with a critical track muted. You can simply right-click the event on the Vegas timeline and choose Edit Source Project from the shortcut menu to reopen your ACID project, unmute the track, and then re-render it.

Trimmer Window
Use the Trimmer window to select portions of a piece of media that can be placed into events on tracks, and easily create media subclips that reference portions of a media file.

JKL Scrub; Timeline and Keyboard Trimming
Scan your project to quickly find edit points using new tape-style scrubbing. Control playback of your project at varying speeds. Scrub using JKL/shuttle, keyboard commands, or external devices such as the Contour A/V Solutions ShuttlePro

Customizable User Interface
Vegas software has a clean and intuitive interface and uses familiar Windows keyboard commands. Windows XP theme support and interface color adjustments allow for a wide variety of customization that best suits your working style.

User Definable Multiple Docking Window Layouts
Design the Vegas editing environment to maximize productivity. Dock multiple windows and save up to ten layout configurations for single and dual monitor systems. Easily recall a customized window layout for a specific editing task, and instantly switch to new layouts during playback.

Customizable Keyboard Mapping
Customize Vegas keyboard commands to fit your editing process. Create and edit new keyboard shortcuts, import a keyboard mapping scheme or save your current layout for use as a backup - even share keyboard layouts with other Vegas users.

Media Subclips
Use the Trimmer window to create subclips that reference portions of a media file. Subclips can also be created directly within the Vegas timeline. All subclips are added to the media pool and can be used like any other event in your Vegas project.

Real-Time A/V Event Reverse
Instantly reverse audio and video events on the timeline either as a locked A/V event group or as independent elements.

Effects Package Folders
Quickly recall frequently used chains of effects in your Vegas project. Effects packages in Vegas 6 software retain their chain order and individual plug-in settings so you can quickly apply desired effects to media.

Additional Marker Support
Vegas software provides support for up to 99 numbered markers. The marker tool allows easy navigation between adjacent markers and editing of multiple selected markers.

Network Rendering
Speed up production time by rendering complex multimedia projects over networked computers. Divide Vegas projects into smaller sections that are distributed across multiple machines, and let Vegas software reassemble the pieces into a single rendered file. Each copy of Vegas software comes with two additional render-only installations.

Keyboard Trimming and Event Shuffling
Expertly edit complex long-form projects using mouse or keyboard trimming, event shuffling, as well as advanced ripple editing modes.

Unlimited Undo/Redo
Vegas software allows an unlimited number of edits to be undone or restored. Quickly and easily restore previous edits without needing to rework an entire Vegas project.

Extensive hardware and monitoring support
Vegas 6 software natively supports DSR-DU1 and DSR DR-1000 recorders, J-H3 HDCAM player over i.LINK and many other i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394 hardware devices. Next-generation monitoring tools allow full screen timeline playback to LCD and CRT secondary displays via component or DVI connections, with support for scaling, deinterlacing, and color pro.


· 1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
· 200 MB hard-disk space for program installation
· 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
· OHCI-compatible i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394DV card (for DV and HDV capture and print-to-tape)
· USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, or DVD camcorders)
· Windows-compatible sound card
· DVD-ROM drive (for installation from a DVD only)
· Supported CD-recordable drive (for CD burning only)
· Supported DVD-recordable drive (for DVD burning only)
· Supported Blu-ray recordable drive (for Blu-ray Disc burning only)
· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0
· QuickTime 7.1.6 or later

What's New:
Notable fixes/changes in Version 10.0c
Fixed problems that could occur when rendering to Sony AVC format.

x N O T E x

1. ALL my uploads scanned by Kaspersky Anti-Virus
(They won't be here if they never pass)

2. While using TPB, please make sure to have check that torrent throughly before executing it.

3. Common type of fakes/infected torrents

-> No username (Anonymous) <- with NO SKULLS
-> Only has 1 or 2 uploads
-> Randomy generated usernames; ie 'ghjjsda', 'rqrqnds', 'rqrwsx'

4. Should you find a bad torrent(fakes/infected torrent), DO NOT hesitate to report it here: (Create a 'New Thread' there)

-> Note: We ONLY remove the following:

* Spam (including spam comments)
* Trojan/malware/virus/etc.
* Fake

x FaQ x

Q: 'I download this movie/video, but there's only picture in it, no sounds. Why??'
A: It's because you're missing certain codecs. There's 2 option to this ;

OPTION 1: Download & install the free K-Lite Mega Codec Pack here:

OPTION 2: Download & install VLC Media Player here: ; use it to play the movie/video file which you've downloaded

Q: 'I download a keygen from a user & my AV flagged it as a virus!'
A: It MIGHT be false positives flagged by your AV, OR it might really be a virus.

First, look at the uploader. Does he has a skull(pink/green) with him? If yes, most probably that keygen is NOT infected.

However, on a safe side, what you can do is download the similar torrent from another skulled user & check if your AV flagged it as infected of not.

IF NO, high chances the previous torrent perhaps IS infected.
IF YES, most probably it's false positive.

Well, if you're still unsure, you can just drop by to our forum & report it here: ; the staff will gladly double-check it.

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A: It might be the mail servers are down. Come to the forum, and post it here:

Q: 'I don't know how to mount an image file. I don't know this I don't know that. How?'
A: Again, drop by to the forum here: & create a new thread under the Help Section
Alternatively, you can browse through the Tutorials Section first to see if anyone have already answered your question here:

* You can read up other FaQs regarding TPB here: (Credits to Adapa for this)

* Check out for more of my uploads @

* After your download, please DON'T forget to seed so that you can help others get this torrent & feel free to leave any comments.

--> Should you need help in anything(NO REQUESTS), feel free to approach me on SuprBay(The Pirate Bay Forum) here:


kentucky-kid :]


TheFalkkon at 2012-06-18 16:54 CET:
Hey, thanks for the upload, worked like a charm, will seed from next month seeing as I ***ed my bandwidth ;_;

Keep up the great work.
Sidii at 2012-06-25 11:16 CET:
Is it possible to update Vegas?
Daumen at 2012-07-07 10:26 CET:
Keygen doesnt work :< Serial and Activation Keys dont fit. Dont bother with this torrent except if you have another Keygen, Kentucky-Kid plx fix this!
un4gettable47 at 2012-07-08 03:23 CET:
@Daumen... LISTEN, I installed and opened the keygen without running as admin and it was not working for me, I almost gave up. But then I remembered I was suppose to run as admin deleted everything and tried again installing/opening keygen as ADMIN and it worked perfect. So run as ADMINISTRATOR. Write click on the file and run as Admin.....
un4gettable47 at 2012-07-08 03:33 CET:
and also... in the instructions he says the following: b) Another prompt will appear asking you to locate to your " Shared Plug-Ins"
Browse to this folder(C:/Program Files/Sony/Shared Plug-Ins)

This folder is actually found at: At least on my system it is, maybe not for other systems:
(C:/Program Files(x86)/Sony/Shared Plug-Ins) notice the ((((((((x86))))))
un4gettable47 at 2012-07-08 06:42 CET:
If you install 32bit the first folder is located in C:/programfiles (86)/Sony/Vegas Pro 10

And also, if the keygen still does not work after installing sony vegas/opening keygen with ADMINISTRATOR, then download the keygen located in this link, it seems to be an updated version of the 1 in this torrent (and it's the one I used to install 32bit). Simply deselect all the other componets to download if u want the keygen from the following torrent....or u could download sony vegas 11 instead or along with sony vegas 10 like me, (i downloaded from this link) ....thanks my friends
un4gettable47 at 2012-07-08 06:45 CET:
and @Daumon1 more time, do not input the machine id key in the serial input. You do not have to past the machine id code anywhere....just the serial and activation/authentication code....doooyyyy " 2 codes forget about the other"
a.michener at 2012-07-18 23:58 CET:

First off, thank you for the torrent. Secondly, I have a question. I followed your instructions step by step but when I enter in the authentication code and error window pops up saying: " the authentication code is not correct, please check that it has been entered correctly. Vegas Pro 10.0 has not been registered." Any ideas what went wrong?
Sythe827 at 2012-07-22 23:53 CET:
@un4gettable47: Thanks for the detail that you put into the instructions that you posted here. With your guidance, I was able to finally get this to work.

A note to all, you have to follow every step precisely.
CrownMeKing at 2012-07-30 22:10 CET:
The keygen doesn't work. It won't open because " I'm not logged in as administrator" when I already am. Tested regular user and still the same error.
un4gettable47 at 2012-08-12 04:34 CET:
@crownmeking: Even if your " computer user is an administrator" you still have to right click on Installation File & Keygen then " Run as Administrator" uninstall then do as I said. If it still don't work, check one of my comments above for an alternative keygen. And also checkout all the other tips in my/others comments above. ALWAYS REMEMBER to READ the comments.
un4gettable47 at 2012-08-12 20:33 CET:
actually, the keygen included for sure does not work with 32 bit, I don't know about 64 bit though. Download this keygen and it will work, run everything as admin:
bloodygaming at 2012-11-16 13:22 CET:
wow, this thing just deleted all my exe files. also i cant install any of them again. i hope your first child is a retarded child
MCc- at 2012-12-20 23:58 CET:
The 32-bits versions works, but the keygen is a ***.
MCc- at 2012-12-21 00:46 CET:
Sorry for my comment, the keygen works, i run in adm and works. +1
KFxLoco at 2012-12-31 04:18 CET:
It's giving me an error after I located the shared plugins. Any help?
Ha*** at 2013-01-27 16:07 CET:
Yes, must right mouse the keygen and run as admin or you get the error when patching shared plug-ins.
Also, when installing x64 version, shared plugins are in the program files x86 directory.
killalien at 2013-01-30 00:51 CET:
@Ha*** Love you, bro
Rusell_Stover at 2013-03-04 11:41 CET:
Thanks kentucky-kid,it works,really really other downloaders; make sure before you patch to select the Vegas Pro 10.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series in the Product Name.
shanspon at 2013-03-08 15:21 CET:
After downloading, Bitdefender didn't find anything wrong. But, during extraction, it deleted 'keygen'. I disabled av prog, again extracted, and succeeded in the second attempt. No problem, thereafter. This may help others. Thank you k-k
ej1108 at 2013-03-14 07:03 CET:
okay i did everything right but when i go to do the patch i keep getting an error an then i saw i didnt change the product name so i did then an then did the patch an got the samething so i figure i would just use the code that was already there it worked but then the activation code didnt work im really suck an i have no idea what to do plz someone help...
crimson85067 at 2013-03-22 08:51 CET:
IT WORKS: Heres some tips

Download and install (Dont download newer version in the installation)

Make sure vegas is closed

Open key gen by right click and chose " run as Administrator.

Chose the right product Sony Vegas HD 10

Click patch

navigate to PROGRAMS > SONY > VEGAS PRO 10

Dont go into the last folder

Click ok and it will patch the files.

IMPORTANT after patching do not click generate you must use the serial numbers that are in there when you patch. The first one should start with " 1R8"

Put that in there and then click next and chose " Register from another computer

No need to fill out form

Check the very last check box and click next

Save the sony file anywhere

Then back to the key gen and use the botton long number from it Remember do not click generate or you screw it all up

put that long number where it asks and thats it

no need to disconnect from the internet.

Take you time.

If you installed and screwed up one of these completely uninstall and try again.

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