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Fallout 3 HiRes Edition (RUS/ENG/2009)
Information about the game:
name: Fallout 3 HiRes Edition
Year: 2009
Genre: RPG
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publication Type: piratka
Language: Russian
Language озвучки: In the original Russian, in addition to English
Tablet: Not required
Platform: PC
Format: iso
Size: 9 gb

About the Game: Continuation of cult role-playing series, which the unfolding events in the world, post-nuclear war. War ... War is always war and never changes. At the end of the twenty-first century struggle for oil fields provoked the conflict between the U.S. and China. The diplomatic dispute soon escalated into armed confrontation between two superpowers, which lasted a few hours.

Who launched the first missiles had remained a mystery. Earth has become a scorched desert. There were no losers or winners. Only a few managed to escape from fatal radiation in special shelters, built shortly before the disaster. A new era in the history of mankind ... The main character Fallout 3 lucky: he was born in a shelter, and lived for many years under the protection adamantine reinforced concrete walls, not knowing the dangers that people wait on the surface. But once his father left the shelter and disappeared in an unknown direction. Soon the suspicions of fellow and filial duty to make a hero to follow his father and go to meet fate. What it will be depends on you!

Game features:
Unlimited freedom of movement and action
Role system S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Complete freedom of choice - be good or bad
Powerful Artificial Intelligence
Indescribable beauty of landscapes

Features versions:
Collected all, more or less facing high-resolution textures for the basic game and 5 and the official add-ons.
Replaced some models of objects for more detailed. Women are now nice and normal figure (model exnem). Repaka goal was to make the game the most beautiful.
Reworked sound effects (music and radio intact).

In distributing the installer includes 2 - The basic game and 5 official additions (during installation will be to listen to music from Fallout 1,2 and read different information on this version of the game)
1. The main installer:
- Delete all files in the folder that you specify for installation.
- The game patched to version and does not require the disc.
- Along with the game is established and fomm fose (recommended to start the game is through fomm, button Launch fose)
- Along with the game is established fashion:
- Fellout 1.1.17b (will be activated, and improves color reproduction in the game and makes the nights darker removed through fomm or watch video of the game in the folder)
- StreetLights.esm + Realistic Interior Lighting.esp (will not be active, improved electric lighting and more realistic lighting in rooms, installed via fomm or watch video of the game in the folder)
- EVE.0.9.5Unique.plus_rus.esp (will be activated, the total processing energy weapon + unique textures for a unique weapon, to remove, simply delete this file)
- Power. Armor.Glow_rus.esp (will be activated, the illumination in the dark armor of the Brotherhood and outcasts, is removed through fomm or watch video of the game in the folder)
- Project Beauty HD version.esm (will be activated, the complete processing of the majority of NPC in the game, to remove, simply delete this file)
- At the end of the installation will be prompted to install DirectX 9.0c (August 2009) and. Net Framework 3.0. Framework, who do not have at least version 2.0, set mandatory.
2. Installation 5 official add-ons:
- Do not change the installation path, it is determined automatically
- Remove add-ons, if they were installed before you
- Set the fashion, affecting the supplement (in addition to the modes in the main game)
3. After installing the game and mods align the boot order in Fomm, like so:
1. Fallout3.esm (main file must always be first, do not delete)
2. russian.esm (Russifier not delete)
3. Anchorage.esm (main file additions)
4. ThePitt.esm (main file additions)
5. BrokenSteel.esm (main file additions)
6. PointLookout.esm (main file additions)
7. Zeta.esm (main file additions)
8. Project Beauty HD version.esm (mod makes a person beautiful and individual, for the main game)
9. StreetLights.esm (improved electric lighting for the main game)
10.Realistic Interior Lighting.esp (indoor lighting makes a more realistic)
11.GeneratorSound.esp (adds sound of generatorv)
12.Anchorage.esp (Russifier requires 3)
13.ThePitt.esp (Russifier requires 4)
14.BrokenSteel.esp (Russifier requires 5)
15.PointLookout.esp (Russifier requires 6)
16.Zeta.esp (Russifier requires 7)
17.Fellout-pipboylight.esp (a bright light pipboya recommended if you use 20)
18.Project.Beauty-Broken.Steel.esp (better person requires 5 and 8)
19.Project.Beauty-Point.Lookout.esp (better person requires 6 and 8)
20.Fellout-Full.esp (better colors, dark nights, you can remove to improve performance, along with him to remove 17,21,22,23)
24.EVE.0.9.5Unique.plus_rus.esp (integrated fashion: a large number of effects of energy weapon + unique textures for a unique weapon if you delete, delete, and 26.27)
25.EVE-Anchorage.esp (effects for Gauss rifle and stun sword)
26.UWWUT - The Pitt Addon.esp (unique texture for a unique weapon Pitt, uses 4 and 24)
27.UWWUT - Broken Steel Addon.esp (unique texture for a unique weapon for the twisted steel, using 5 and 24)
28.Nightvision goggles_clear.esp (night vision device, is recommended for fellout)
29.PipboyPDA_rus.esp (Pipboy PDA, set after leaving the Vault)
30.Power.Armor.Glow_rus.esp (lighting armor of the Brotherhood and outcasts)

For those who do not want to use the additional modes, but simply wants to play Fallout 3 with high-resolution textures
After installing the game and additions:
1. FOMM -> Package Manager -> Deactivate All
2. Delete the folder .. \ Fallout 3 \ Data:
Project Beauty HD version.esm
UWWUT - The Pitt Addon.esp
UWWUT - Broken Steel Addon.esp

if the radio is lagging, you can hold a small optimization:

iMaxImpactSoundCount = 32
Controls the sound quality. With built-in sound card limit to the value of 22 - 24, and then the game can regularly fly. (Both files)

bEnableAudioCache = 1
On / off caching sounds, switch necessarily. (Fallout.ini)

iAudioCacheSize = 2048
Cache size in kilobytes for the sounds, ie 2048 = 2MB. It is desirable to raise this value to 4096 or even 8192. (Fallout.ini)

iMaxSizeForCachedSound = 256
Number of cached sounds. You can enlarge up to 512. But too high values of this parameter and the cache can lead to instability in the game. (Fallout.ini)

Memory load

bUseHardDriveCache =
Enable caching on your hard drive. The option providing it is desirable to include (1). (Fallout.ini) also need to include the following options:
bBackgroundLoadLipFiles = 1
bLoadBackgroundFaceGen = 1
bBackgroundCellLoads = 1
bLoadHelmetsInBackground = 1
iBackgroundLoadLoading = 1
bBackgroundPathing = 1
bBackgroundNavmeshUpdate = 1
bCloneModelsInBackground = 1

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Core2Duo or equivalent Athlon
Video Card: video card with 512MB of memory;
Sound device: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
Hard drive space: 10 GB


Download | Скачать: Fallout 3 HiRes Edition (RUS/ENG/2009)
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Одним файлом с максимальной скоростью

Одним файлом с максимальной скоростью

#1 | ufux220 · Sausio 18 2010 22:10
tas tai gerass geimas, ziauriai patiko, geri vaizdai ir veikejai, perejau pora sykiu
#2 | admin · Sausio 19 2010 13:40
Jo sitas tikrai vertas demesio geimas Shock *clap*
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